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#GIVE10 Initiative

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The Water Crisis


💧 A child dies every 60 seconds from (preventable) water disease.

💧 Women walk an average of 3 miles every day to collect water.

💧 783 million people worldwide don't have access to clean water. 

💧 1 in 3 people lack access to improved sanitation facilities.

💧 Nearly 97% of the world's water is salty or otherwise undrinkable. 

💧 The average container for water collection, the "jerry can", weighs over 40 lbs when full. The task of carrying it is often placed upon women and children.






Lives Impacted: 1,500 +

Marouge, Haiti
Population: About 1,500
GPS Coordinates: 9°00'12.7"N 72°40'43.6"W
Project: Rain Catchment Tank & Hygiene Training

Deep in the mountains behind Montrouis, Haiti, sits the village of Marouge on the back side of a steep mountain. These kind and caring individuals do not have access to clean drinking water. 1,500 villagers live in this remote village, a 5 hour walk from the city. With no municipal water sources in the village, the people must leave the village to access water from a contaminated water hole. With the support of Kōkua, the villagers of Marouge (Mar-Rouge) will have their first water source via a Justice Water Hispaniola Rain Catchment Tank, in addition to sanitation and hygiene training. This is the first step of many to get this community the type of training, empowerment, and clean water they need for a healthy and full life.


La Colline, Haiti

Jan Farine, Haiti 




A Promise of Hope



"This is Midlove. She lives in the village of Papaye, in Central Haiti. She shares a modest house in the middle of the village without running water or electricity. Like most kids in her country, her daily task is to collect water for the family. While she is able to attend school across from her house, she is not always able to go because of the time it takes to collect clean drinking water. In early 2013, the Justice Water Hispaniola staff met her in her village and walked to her water source nearly two miles away. In this time, we saw several broken wells which Midlove had told us she'd never used (or seen anyone else use). After miles of hilly and beautiful landscape, we happened upon the water source. Upstream, in the seeable distance, there were cows and horses openly defecating. Additionally, there were people washing their cars and motorcycles. These children collected the water at this site, and walked home as the sun was setting.  While the road these young children walk is beautiful, it is not always safe for them. Additionally, the water they collect is full of disease. Yet, it was their only option. After meeting with the local leaders in this village, the Justice Water Hispaniola staff decided to build a rain-catchment tank near the local church. After this 3-week long project, this group of leaders were able to recreate this structure in another village. They currently maintain this structure and help build others in areas nearby. 
This has changed the life of people like Midlove. She now walks across the way, perhaps a yard away, and is able to collect water. She is able to attend school more frequently. She is able to live a fuller life because of this tank. Because it rains so often in this village, she is able to use this catchment tank very frequently and makes far less trips to contaminated sources."

                                                           -Konbit Haiti