Kōkua The Story

- Founder, Tawni Schall
Salt Lake City, Utah

“I absolutely love water. Health and hydration is very important to me. I keep my water bottle on me all day, every day. What a privilege it is to have water so readily available whenever I need. Unfortunately, not everyone has that privilege. I came across startling facts in the recent years regarding the global water crisis. My passion for helping others pushed me to find a way to get involved. And so, Kōkua was born. I’ve made it my personal mission to do everything I can to help bring an end to the global water crisis. But I can’t do it without you. When individuals come together with one purpose, incredible things can happen. Sitting in front of you is the chance of a lifetime: the opportunity to help someone out in the world simply by purchasing a bottle. Kōkua is a for-profit company that is dedicated to giving back. Whenever you drink from your Kōkua bottle, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve changed someone’s life forever.”

The Name

A Hawaiian word meaning to give to others for their benefit.

The West African symbol, Bese Saka.
This Adinkra symbol represents abundance, togetherness and unity.

Due to the loving and kind nature of the Hawaiian culture, we were drawn to implement a piece of that it into our brand. The Hawaiian culture is known for kindness, hospitality and overall well-being and happiness. We wanted to capture that same feeling in the name of our brand and paint a picture to you of what we are all about.


Through the relationship with our non-profit partners, we are able to fund water projects globally. Water projects can vary from a water well, to rain catchment tanks, and even water filters. Each project is carefully considered by local community members to determine the most effective program for the area that will promise sustainability and efficacy long term. Along with providing a clean source of water, our partners train local communities in hygiene and sanitation with their WASH programs to ensure long term health with the implementation of the new water source.


We donate 10% of net revenue to fund water projects through our partners, Lifewater International and Konbit Haiti (in partnership with Justice Water).



Everything we do is done with passion and integrity. Kōkua bottles are created with TempLock™ technology, bringing the most innovative technology right into your hands.

TempLock™ double wall insulation does the work for you. Our bottles are designed to keep your beverage the perfect temperature you want for hours. Finally, you can enjoy your beverage how you want it.

Superior Grip

Three Words:
No. Slip. Grip.

Quality Material

Forged with durable 18/8 grade stainless steel inside AND out.


Your drink how you like it.
24 hours cold / 12 hours hot.


Less Plastic. More Love.

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